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Who are we?

Frequent Traveler University is the world’s premier educational series of seminars devoted to teaching traveler’s the best way to maximize their frequent flyer miles, hotel points and credit card rewards, while learning about new destinations, tools, and loyalty program intricacies to help make their travels cheaper, more comfortable and in more luxury.

The Frequent Traveler University was established in 2010 to help travelers of the world extract the maximum value from their frequent flyer and frequent guest programs. 30+ events and 12.000+ travelers later, the Frequent Traveler University is the leading authority in North America in frequent travel and loyalty education. In 2018, the Frequent Traveler University launched worldwide seminars.

Why attend FTU?

Do you know how many miles you have and what airlines you can use them on? Have you ever been frustrated by trying to book a reward ticket? Do you wonder if you could get more out of the miles that you’re using, but don’t know how? Airline and hotel loyalty programs are extremely popular but poorly understood by most of their users. Many members amass miles and points and struggle to redeem them at all, let alone get the best possible value from them.

Loyalty programs reward knowledgeable consumers; understanding the ins and outs of the loyalty system and how it interacts with other elements of travel booking is key to making the best use of your miles and points without breaking the bank.

Our goal is to teach you how to earn more miles, whether through travel or special offers, such as credit cards and double-points deals, and how to use those miles to your advantage. Our events provide options for all skill levels, from those who are wondering how to use their points for the first time, to those who have traveled around the world on points and are wondering how to do even more. Our instructors will share their insights into making miles work for you so that you can travel more and spend less.

At our two day events, attendees hear from some of the world’s best-known travel bloggers and industry experts about how they stay within budget while maximizing their travel opportunities. You’ll leave the weekend with a better understanding of the loyalty programs you care about, as well as a variety of tips and tricks to make your miles take you further.

Outside of the classroom, there are social events and informal get togethers where you can meet new friends that share your passion for travel and points.

The benefit you get from attending will far outweigh the cost of coming, and a majority of our participants fly in from various cities around the world to hear our expert speakers share their knowledge.

FTU combines high-quality topics and indispensable social networking with like-minded travelers to create an unforgettable attendee experience.

What to expect from FTU

  • Two-day workshops by leading travel experts, points connoisseurs and money saving gurus from around the world.
  • You will hear from both local and international speakers who will share their expertise, tricks and skills that will help you extract more from your program and your travel purchases.
  • You will have the opportunity to ask questions about your specific circumstances in both a group and one-to-one format, to find out how you can make that next step in your travel goals
  • You will hear stories, testimonials and adventures from our road warrior speakers
  • You can enjoy a fully catered day with fellow travelers, speakers and the Frequent Traveler University team

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