Since the inception of the Frequent Traveler University, each FTU event has been on the road, bringing events to the travelers seeking to learn more about maximizing their travel loyalty and enhancing their travel experience. This coming November we are reinventing FTU with the launch of the FTU Expo, an event unlike any other.
Join us from November 17th thru 19th at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare, as we unveil the first FTU Expo.
The first ever FTU Expo is being graciously hosted by Marriott and sponsored by AwardEx, for you, the travelers.
For the launch of our new flagship event, the FTU Expo will host more than 3,000 attendees, across 36,000 square feet of convention space, bringing travelers in contact with more than 50 airline and hotel brands.  But as the FTU Expo is not just about schmoozing, and it is really focused on learning, we will be presenting educational events from over two-dozen travel and loyalty experts to help further your travel knowledge, earning and burning potential, and enhance your travel loyalty experience.
Be sure to follow FTU on Twitter at @FTU and like our Facebook page for the official launch announcement of this event.
The FTU Expo’s $39 registration will be $29 for early registrants through some of your favorite travel bloggers and here … check for details below!
Stay tuned, you will not be disappointed. This will be the largest and premier event for frequent travelers anywhere!

Reserve your spot HERE for the FTU Expo and save on your registration with our Early Bird  promo code of ‘FTUEARLY.’