Tiffany Funk, of One Mile At A Time, offers travelers a different perspective on earning Travel Points and Airline Miles. As a passionate traveler Tiffany splits her time between California and Italy, flying an average of 200,000 miles each year, along with spending more then 100 nights each year in hotels. Tiffany’s experience allows her to offer the expertise of her insights into managing life and travel, along with leveraging travel loyalty programs.

As a passionate traveler, Tiffany is committed to finding solutions to problems. In her professional life, Tiffany leads virtual teams allowing her the flexibility to travel, as she desires, while establishing and managing teams without the constraints of a face-to-face environment. As a traveler managing teams remotely, Tiffany is a big believer in making advancements in technology work for her, rather than her being required to bend for technology.

Join Tiffany at the FTU Signature Event and Travel Expo, November 17h through 19th, in Chicago, as she shares her experiences. Learn from her insights and wisdom to expand your knowledge of travel loyalty and how you can better manage your professional commitments on the road.

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