Will & Christy Maxwell-Steele

Will & Christy Maxwell-Steele

Extreme Travellers

Christy & Will are living proof that even the geekiest avgeeks can find love! Meeting (properly) for the first time at the launch party (and associated Giraffter party) for a travel-junkie charter trip called Star MegaDo 4, by the time the actual trip came around only a few months later, they were ready to get married! Having been kicked off the row of economy seats on Lufthansa’s D-ABVR flying from Los Angeles to Frankfurt by an of-course-she-wasn’t-drunk Christy, Will popped the question from the Dorito-crumb-covered aircraft floor. The response sounded like a yes – but he checked a few times in the weeks ahead just to be sure. They were married in June of 2013, with the ceremony officiated by none other than the “Godfather of Miles and Points”, Randy Petersen.

Christy (catgirl), an American formerly based in Chicago, was a corporate road warrior for an international bank. Despite being in the US with easy access to amazing credit card offers and promotions, the vast majority of Christy’s elite status was earned the hard way with butt-in-seat miles since manufactured spending was a definite no-no in her position. Obviously being a sucker for punishment (as if her marriage to Will wasn’t evidence enough), Christy continued her life away from home in her spare time by doing mileage runs and holidays with friends and family.

Will (wijomas) – aka Ryan A.A. Bingham (yes, that was his legal name, though he had to change back when Christy refused to become Mrs. Bingham) – is a Kiwi entrepreneur and InsideFlyer Kiva Lending Team captain who at the time was based in New Zealand, and briefly in the San Francisco Bay Area after the wedding. Having left school and entering the corporate world at the ripe old age of 13, he earned his first top tier elite status as a 15 year old who wasn’t even allowed in many airline lounges due to their stringent liquor licensing policies. Will spent most of his teen years and twenties flying upwards of 200,000 miles per year both for business and pleasure.

The Catjomases (Catjomii?) now live together in Auckland, New Zealand, and still try to fly as much as possible – which is no easy feat on a budget from Down Under!