Kenji is a full-time reseller. He is expert in building real businesses that earn profit and miles on Amazon.

Ultimate Stacking for Resellers

Room 2

Additional skills to increase miles earning through reselling. How to go from cherry-picking deals to creating a business. The keys to go from zero to a MILLION in one year (1. having a repeatable process, 2. doing things a little better than the competition, and 3. adapting to change). How to earn while on the […]


Selling on Amazon: Earn Miles and Money. What Works. Is this Right for Me?

Room 1

Many people in the audience might know WHY to sell on Amazon (to earn money and miles), but they don’t have an accurate image of WHAT is entails or HOW to do it. I’ll explain the whole process with actual examples. One way to start is by reading deal blogs. Blogs point to short-term sales […]