Mike Graziano

Mike Graziano

Make Travel Hacking Great Again

Mike can trace his aviation geek and travel enthusiast roots to early childhood, when he’d travel cross country several times a summer on family vacations. Most of his travel is domestic, and he is not one to pass up a good flight deal. When Mike isn’t at the airport waiting for a flight, he can often be found at the spotters park at MSP, photographing the nonstop parade of Delta CRJs passing through.

Mike started a local meetup group in the Twin Cities metro with several dozen members who meet up monthly. He also runs a travel hacking slack open to anyone from total noobs to seasoned travelers redeeming millions of miles a year. Find him for more info on either, or get in contact with Mike at [email protected].

Advanced Manufactured Spend

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A look into more complex MS topics beyond which methods to use. Scaling, opportunity cost, social engineering, and even deciding which deals to hit are things that come into play when diving deeper into the world of MS.