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Note: Sessions, speakers, and timing are all subject to change.

Travel & Adventure Show FTU Stage

The following sessions will be presented at the Frequent Traveler University stage at the Travel & Adventure Show.

Saturday, March 7

10 AM – 5 PM

Sunday, March 8

11 AM – 4 PM

Session 1

How to Save on a Disney Trip: Visiting a Disney Park is Every Kid’s Dream, But Could Turn Into a Budget Nightmare

Earn proven tips and tricks to help you get the best of Disney without losing your savings or sanity.

By Dia Adams

From Bookings to Bandwidth, How to Supercharge Your Business Travel

A conversation on how to save money when booking for flights, how to use business travel to improve your career, and how to stay productive on the road.

By Tess Zhao and Rob Pegoraro

Session 2

Travel the World with 40,000 Miles. Three Competitors, One Challenge: To Take 40,000 Points and $400 and Get as Far Away as Possible

Our authors covered a combined 50,000+ miles over the course of a week on less than a single credit card sign up bonus each. Hear how we did it, what we learned, and how you can do even better.

By Greg Davis-Kean

How to Travel Anywhere and Everywhere with Points

You can travel the world in style using points, no matter if you’re seeking millionaire perks, adventurous excursions, romantic escapades, or just sticking to a tight budget. Credit card, airline, and hotel reward programs can provide easy access to incredible travel across the world.

Stefan used points to fulfill his own dream every country in the world (along with every U.S. state!) before turning 40. He’ll show how to get started with loyalty programs regardless of how much you’re currently traveling.

Amazing destinations from beaches to safaris are achievable following Stefan’s 90-day Quick Start guide to miles and points. 

By Stefan Krasowski

Session 3

Upgrade Your Travel Game: The Three Key Concepts for Incredible Miles and Points Travel

Cashing in miles and points is a great way to make your travel budget go further, but navigating these rewards programs can be a headache for most. If you know where and how to look, you can travel luxuriously using credit card, airline, and hotel reward programs.

Tiffany is the world’s preeminent expert on loyalty programs and travel rewards, and Stefan is a true global traveler, having leveraged points to visit every country in the world, and every state in the US. Join them as they discuss three key concepts to earning and redeeming rewards for unforgettable travel experiences.

By Stefan Krasowski and Tiffany Funk

The Indispensable Primer on Reward Travel

Everyone has a travel budget, but rewards programs make it possible to have a first-class experience at economy prices! Knowing which reward program enables the kind of travel YOU aspire to can make your dream trip possible, or at least your everyday travel more comfortable.

Tiffany and her team combined have decades of experience helping travelers of all walks of life use miles and points to visit destinations all around the world. Join her as she discusses how to get started in earning – and more importantly, redeeming! – miles and points for the trip of a lifetime.

By Tiffany Funk

Session 4

Earn the Most Miles for Your Everyday Spend

Learn how to stack deals to get the greatest bang for your buck and most miles in your award wallet.

By Trevor Mountcastle

FTU Advanced – Sunday, March 8

These sessions will be presented exclusively for Frequent Traveler University ticket holders. Lunch and refreshments are included.

Main Room

Breakout Room


9:00am – 9:30am

Welcome and Keynote


9:45am – 10:45am

Awards Worth MS-ing For

From $18 domestic flights to round-the-world in business class for less than $400, these are the top awards from each transfer program to motivate your manufactured spending.

By Nick Reyes

Is United Airlines The Program For You?

An analysis of United Airlines from a longtime United flyer plus tips and tricks from MileagePlus in the new era of flexible award pricing and mileage earning that no longer factors distance.

By Matthew Klint


11:00am – 12:00pm

Advanced Manufactured Spend

The world of MS is ever-changing. Go beyond the basics to develop the mindset and strategies needed to evolve, adapt, and scale in the changing landscape with someone who’s been there.

By Mike Graziano

Airlines for Aspirational Travel

They say it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey.

That’s especially true when your journey involves a shower on the upper deck of an A380. Or full-service caviar with vintage Champagne. Or transiting an international airport in the back seat of a private luxury car.

There’s first class travel, and then there’s First Class travel. Listen in while miles-and-points maven Tiffany Funk from One Mile at a Time shows off some of the finest airplane experiences to be found around the world, and explains how to experience them yourself using various rewards currencies.

By Tiffany Funk


12:00pm – 1:30pm



1:30pm – 2:30pm

Generate Miles, Points, and Profits by Reselling on Amazon

Learn how to retail and online arbitrage can be used as a method for earning miles, points, and profits while leveraging Fulfillment by Amazon. Will include a discussion on gift card reselling too, though that’s probably more of a cautionary tale.

By Trevor Mountcastle

The World of Disney: Tips and Tricks That Will Help You Navigate the 12 Parks in the Disney Universe

Learn proven tips and tricks to help you get the best of Disney without losing your savings or sanity, from a traveler that has been to every Disney park in the world (and written the book on it!)

By Dia Adams


2:45pm – 3:45pm

Credit Cards: Plastic is Still Gold

Credit cards are still a core point generation tool with new cards, benefits, and point earning opportunities every year. Here’s the latest credit card development to earn hundreds of thousands of points a year.

By Stefan Krasowski

From Bookings to Bandwidth, How to Supercharge Your Business Travel

A conversation on how to save money when booking for flights, how to use business travel to improve your career, and how to stay productive on the road.

By Rob Pegoraro and Tess Zhao


4:00pm – 5:00pm

Closing panel

Our famous free-for-all closing panel, a rapid fire discussion of the present and future of travel rewards programs.

With all speakers, moderated by Stefan Krasowski

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