Tiffany Funk, of One Mile At A Time, offers travelers a different perspective on earning Travel Points and Airline Miles. As a passionate traveler Tiffany splits her time between California and Italy, flying an average of 200,000 miles each year, along with spending more then 100 nights each year in hotels. Tiffany’s experience allows her to offer the expertise of her insights into managing life and travel, along with leveraging travel loyalty programs.

As a passionate traveler, Tiffany is committed to finding solutions to problems. In her professional life, Tiffany leads virtual teams allowing her the flexibility to travel, as she desires, while establishing and managing teams without the constraints of a face-to-face environment. As a traveler managing teams remotely, Tiffany is a big believer in making advancements in technology work for her, rather than her being required to bend for technology.

Join Tiffany at the FTU Signature Event and Travel Expo, November 17h through 19th, in Chicago, as she shares her experiences. Learn from her insights and wisdom to expand your knowledge of travel loyalty and how you can better manage your professional commitments on the road.

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Since the inception of the Frequent Traveler University, each FTU event has been on the road, bringing events to the travelers seeking to learn more about maximizing their travel loyalty and enhancing their travel experience. This coming November we are reinventing FTU with the launch of the FTU Expo, an event unlike any other.
Join us from November 17th thru 19th at the Chicago Marriott O’Hare, as we unveil the first FTU Expo.
The first ever FTU Expo is being graciously hosted by Marriott and sponsored by AwardEx, for you, the travelers.
For the launch of our new flagship event, the FTU Expo will host more than 3,000 attendees, across 36,000 square feet of convention space, bringing travelers in contact with more than 50 airline and hotel brands.  But as the FTU Expo is not just about schmoozing, and it is really focused on learning, we will be presenting educational events from over two-dozen travel and loyalty experts to help further your travel knowledge, earning and burning potential, and enhance your travel loyalty experience.
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The FTU Expo’s $39 registration will be $29 for early registrants through some of your favorite travel bloggers and here … check for details below!
Stay tuned, you will not be disappointed. This will be the largest and premier event for frequent travelers anywhere!

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If you’re here, reading the Frequent Traveler University blog chances are you love to travel, or you’re interested in learning how to further the potential for your frequent traveler loyalty points and miles.   Maybe you’re familiar with FTU, maybe you’re not … so allow us to take a moment and further your insights as to what FTU can offer you.

Have you earned points or miles and are no sure how to get more out of those loyalty earnings?  Are you collecting loyalty points and miles and not getting the returns you desire? We’ve all signed up for airline and hotel loyalty programs with the hopes of seeing the world and scoring an upgraded room, without much of an idea of what he hotels and airlines are really offering us in return.   This is what the FTU is for … learning how to Earn & Burn.

Travel loyalty programs are rewarding for knowledgeable travelers who understand the ins-and-outs of the travel loyalty system, understanding how that system is intertwined with other programs and brands and ultimately those who understand maximizing the use of their points and miles greatly benefit.

The goal of the FTU is to teach you, the traveler, how you can earn more miles and points through not only travel, but through special offers as well. These offers are not always travel related, such as credit cards, bankcards and double points promotions through not only travel brands but other opportunities as well.

Through FTU you gain access to travel loyalty experts with an expansive knowledge of earning miles, capitalizing on promotion and effectively converting loyalty miles and points with a positive return on investment.

FTU’s diverse faculty of speakers teach and mentor on a wide range topics, for travelers of all experience and skill levels. From those just starting out on their journey to those who’ve been around the globe and back. Ultimately the goal of FTU is to teach you how to accrue more miles, and how to use those miles to your advantage, by leveraging insights of the best known experts in the industry.

At the conclusion of an FTU event you’ll head home with a better understanding of the travel loyalty programs you participate in, along with an abundance of knowledge, trips and tricks that allow you to make the most of your points and miles.

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Attending the inaugural Frequent Traveler University Expo, this coming November 17th thru 19th in Chicago? Maybe just thinking about attending?    Well, here is your opportunity to meet one of our expert speakers who will educate and inspire you!


Meet Stefan Krasowski, author of the popular Rapid Travel Chai blog, and FTU Presenter.  Stefan’s travels began during his one childhood vacation, at age four, to Disney World, then as he grew up he saved up money by working as golf caddy to take his parents to the Wisconsin Dells, from their home in Minnesota to, for a weekend.


From his humble travel begins, now a New York based international business development executive and graduate of University of Pennsylvania’s The Wharton School, Stefan’s travels have now spanned 186 countries, and lead him to live and work in China for 8 years.


Through these experiences Stefan, has joined the ranks of the ‘Travelers Century Club,’ and founded the Rapid Travel Chai blog. The focus of Stefan’s Rapid Travel Chai blog is maximizing frequent flyer programs, and is dedicated to those who want to see the world and have jobs and a family still there upon their return.


Stefan believes that teaching others how to travel more effectively, and with an enriching experience, is the most fulfilling thing he does. Without Stefan’s extensive research and knowledge of travel loyalty programs he would not have been able to visit nearly as many countries as he has, and now his goal is to share this knowledge with you.


Presently Stefan is working to make traveler education a full-time professional career.


Get to know Stefan better at Rapid Travel Chai, his interview with and join his Facebook Community ‘Every Passport Stamp Counts.’