FTU Signature

Schedule Overview

While the FTU Signature schedule is being finalized, we wanted to provide a list of topics and sessions that you might expect to be presented at the event.

Miles and Points

This session will discuss the operations of frequent flyer miles, hotel points and credit card rewards, where they can be accumulated from, and the essentials of their redemption.

Manufactured Spending

Manufactured spending in the process of accumulating loyalty points/miles and cash-back rewards based on purchases from credit cards, whereby the purchases are re-cycled to pay the credit card bill. This course will discuss the essentials of manufactured spending, how it benefits travelers, and where it can be done and under what circumstances.

Hotel Elite Status

Major hotel chains reward loyal guests with elite status, and this session will compare the major hotel brands, their elite tiers and benefits and requirements.

Credit Cards Rewards

The credit card is the primary way to accrue miles and points, and in this session, you’ll learn about the major issuing banks, the most popular and lucrative credit cards, as well as the financial information which consumers need to know when applying.

Budget Airline Tips & Tricks

In this session, participants will learn about the major budget airlines, both domestic and abroad. Carriers discuss may include Southwest Airlines, Frontier, EasyJet, Ryan Air and more.

How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible

It’s the age old question, few are able to provide a great answer to. Our speakers will show you how to get the cheapest flight possible for the least amount of work.

Mileage Running

While often thought of as a “dead” hobby, mileage running is one of the oldest forms of earning frequent flyer miles, whereby a traveler flies for the sole purpose of earning miles. This session will discuss the cost/benefit analysis of this past-time, as well as a brief overview of mattress running, the similar concept for hotels.

The State of Miles and Points Panel

Listen to our expert panel of speakers provide their take on the current state of frequent flyer miles, hotel points, and credit card rewards.