Gilbert Ott

Gilbert Ott

Gilbert Ott is a travel writer who focuses his time between his own site GodSaveThePoints and Conde Nast Traveler. His journey into travel obsession began as a junior tennis player, where he became addicted to miles since earning his first at age 12 on a trip to New Zealand. Since then the obsession has landed appearances on Good Morning America, BBC 1, CNN, The Daily Mail, Business Insider and other leading publications, chronicling his never ending quest to create unique, aspirational travel experiences, on a very small budget.

GodSaveThePoints focuses on elevating travel for everyone, frequent flyer or not, utilizing points, loyalty programs status, deal hunting savvy and emerging apps and technology. Who wouldn’t like an upgrade?

Fun factoid: The blog started after a year of monthly travel to London courting my (now) wife. See, miles really do add up. Gilbert is also a wine snob, dog lover and ice hockey fanatic.

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