Jamie Larounis

Jamie Larounis is an avid traveler and miles/points educator. Traveling well over 100,000 miles a year and staying in hotels for over 100 nights, he leverages miles, points and other deals to fly in first class cabins, and stay in 5-star hotels. His blog, The Forward Cabin, shares his experiences, musings, reviews, tips, tricks, resources and industry news with you, the fellow traveler. Today, in addition to writing The Forward Cabin, Jamie also supports the Frequent Traveler University, a Frequent Traveler Education Foundation project, as a member of their organizing staff where he’s spoken in-depth on the loyalty programs and operations of Amtrak, American Airlines and Kimpton Hotels. He’s an organizer with MegaDo, LLC and a business partner with the Travel Quality Awards. Among several media spotlights, he’s spoken at the New York Times Travel Show, been quoted in The New York Times and The Fiscal Times, written for InsideFlyer, Road Warrior Voices/USA Today, 1000TravelTips.com, the official content platform for the Travel and Adventure Shows, and makes occasional guest appearances as a featured expert discussing the travel industry on FOX News. 

Faculty Factoid: Among his other activities and accomplishments, Jamie is an Eagle Scout, a volunteer EMT, and also on the Board of Directors of his local Rotary Club.

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