Mike Schroeck

When Mike turned 17 and his parents told him they would no longer pay for this ”crazy” flying hobby something inside of him said there had to be better ways to reduce the cost of a ticket and at the same time increase the comfort of traveling. It was then (now more than 10 years ago) that he discovered Flyertalk and ever since Mike has been learning, discovering and sharing new ways to keep travel spend low while increasing the overall comfort while traveling by using elite status and loyalty programs to his advantage time and time again!

After working at various major airlines and hotel chains he is now an entrepreneur and runs his own business which includes the largest travel deal blog within The Netherlands.

Another part of his business that Mike is really passionate about is his blog turned blogging platform: ikvliegveel.com (Iflyalot),  where, in partnership with Milepoint, the very best of travel bloggers in the The Netherland & Belgium come together to share their stories on all things travel and loyalty.

Faculty Factoid: Flyertalk played a major part in providing Mike with answers to questions when undergoing training while working for a major airline.

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