Headshot of Ryan, Speaker and Event Organizer

Ryan Hoult

Ryan is a Canadian frequent flyer, and one of the organizers of FTU and MegaDo. Outside of this world, he is the CFO for a software company Calgary, and specializes in tax and corporate finance. Based on his love of details, Ryan is responsible for the logistics of the events including sites, schedules and websites. If you’ve got a question about an upcoming event, Ryan is probably the best place to start.

Ryan also steps in as a speaker occasionally, talking about maximizing revenue fares, tools of the trade and his love of Air Canada (an airline Americans should be flying more often).

FACULTY FACTOID: At his wife’s instance, Ryan spent a night in a hostel …once. He then took a cab directly to the nearest Fairmont in the morning.

  • Company:FTU
  • Short Bio:Organizer
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