Summer Hull

Who is this Mommy Points freak you ask?

Well, I am a married, 30ish (gulp) year old mom of a rock star, adorable, beautiful, fantastic, mischievous, humorous, smarter-than-my-own-good toddler. She’s plotting her take over of the world, I’m sure of it! I am obsessed with my adorable and insane toddler and also obsessed with earning and using airline and hotel points and miles.

Why in the world are you adding yet another blog to the already blog filled internet?

In my spare time (what exactly is spare time??) I LOVE reading blogs. I love the peek into another person’s world. It’s kind of like going for a walk around your neighborhood just as the day is turning into night and peering inside the windows of all the other houses as you stroll by. My two favorite blog topics to read are about being a mom to a young kiddo and traveling. Specifically, traveling without spending a dime by using points and miles. In my blog travels around the internet I haven’t found a blog that brings these two topics together.

Most of the blogs about being a mommy or having young children stay pretty focused on topics such as funny/cute things their kiddos did, the daily stressors of being a mom, products that are super helpful to have, clothes their kiddos wear, etc….. The travel blogs that focus on points and miles seem to be geared for middle-aged men who travel a fair amount for business, have the time and money to do things such as frequent mileage runs (I’ll explain later), order gold coins to gain extra points (well, until that got shut down), etc…… In my less busy years I might have been all over some of those get-points-quick schemes, but in my mommy years I have less expendable cash, less spare time, and a greater need than ever for an affordable way to travel.

Are you really this obsessed with points?

(Hangs head) Yes, my name is Mommy Points and I am a pointaholic. I talk to anyone who will listen, and even some who won’t, about easy ways to earn points and miles for things you do every day and then turn around and use them for free or reduced cost vacations. People are shocked on a regular basis at how my family is able to do what we do and go where we go just be being strategic about what credit cards we use, what promos we register for, and where we shop. I love the thrill of not only getting a great deal on something I purchase, but then earning points on top of that.

I then use those points to take much needed vacations with “The Man” (my wonderful, awesome, and points-tolerant husband), take my daughter to visit her family all over the country, bring those family members to us so we can escape away for the weekend sans toddler, or load up the whole crew to go hang out with Mickey Mouse and company for the week. That really is just the beginning of what points can do for you, but suffice it to say that indeed I am obsessed with both maximizing point earning and usage for my own family and helping you do it with yours!

FACULTY FACTOID: I was a cheerleader all throughout junior high and high school.

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