About Us

For each Frequent Traveler University event, we bring in a selection of speakers that are experts in their field. These world-renowned presenters are knowledgable enough to answer your questions and help you make the most of your weekend, and you won’t leave dissapointed.

In addition to the speakers on-site, here’s the team behind Frequent Traveler University:

Tommy Danielsen

141118584462985The ultimate idea guy, Tommy is the one who comes up with the crazy ideas that turn into experiences of a lifetime. As a sales director, Tommy lived the frequent business traveler lifestyle for years, but he now spends his time working to educate travelers on how to do it better and cheaper. Besides co-founding InsideFlyer, Tommy is an organizer of MegaDo and FTU.

 Melinda Danielsen

IMG_0082Melinda is an ardent world explorer, logging more than 150,000 miles and 100 hotel nights a year. Author of the Magic of Miles blog, she has graced the pages of Conde Nast Traveler, writes for InsideFlyer and is an organizer for MegaDo and FTU events.

Jamie Larounis

Headshot of Jamie

Jamie is an avid traveler, blogger and miles/points educator. Traveling well over 100,000 miles a year and staying in hotels for over 100 nights, he leverages miles, points and other deals to fly in first class cabins, and stay in 5-star hotels. His blog, The Forward Cabin, shares his experiences, musings, reviews, tips, tricks, resources and industry news with you, the fellow traveler. Today, in addition to writing The Forward Cabin, Jamie also supports the Frequent Traveler University as a member of their organizing staff where he’s spoken in-depth on the loyalty programs and operations of Amtrak and American Airlines. You’ll also find Jamie as an expert award trip booker with Award Magic, helping clients to redeem frequent flyer miles across a wide variety of reward programs and airlines. Among several media spotlights, he’s spoken at the New York Times Travel Show, written for InsideFlyer, USA Today, and makes regular appearances as a featured expert discussing the travel industry on FOX News.

Nathan Rau

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 5.33.25 PM

Nathan Rau is a lawyer by day, but a travel junkie at heart who has been around the world more times than he can remember. Nathan took his first flight when he was 3 months old and has been hooked ever since, traveling somewhere exotic (and to places not-so-exotic…) every year of his life. He is a United Million Miler and in addition holds lifetime status with Hilton, is an Alaska Airlines MVP Gold, and has mid-level status with most of the major hotel chains.

Prior to starting his own practice, Nathan was an attorney for Microsoft. During his tenure, he was able to travel to many parts of the world to support various charitable organizations. Cultures around the world are one of his favorite things to observe when traveling, and wanting to learn more about this diversity is what inspires his travels. Nathan is one of the organizers of the MegaDos, and of the FTU. In preparing for these events he has to interact with many industry leaders as a trusted peer. It is through this lens that he is able to see and understand both sides of the travel industry.