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Note: What you’re about to discover is designed specifically for people who love travel but hate paying full price to do so. It’s for people who are ready to go beyond simply earning miles and points the old fashioned way. It’s for people who have spent too much time on the phone, trying to redeem travel rewards, thinking there must be a better way. If you want to pay full-price for your next trip, this isn’t for you.

How would you feel if, the moment the pandemic ended, you had all the information you needed to travel as much as you wanted, without worrying about the cost?

Keep reading, because there’s good news ahead of you.

The world of rewards points is bigger and more complex than you might think.

Airline and hotel loyalty programs are popular, but they exist for a reason: to increase their bottom line (not yours). See, the margins in hospitality are razor-thin… but they’re huge compared to the margins the airlines have to deal with.

So it’s in their best interest to offer loyalty programs. In their minds, it’s the least they can do to convince you to keep doing business with them.

The problem? Playing by their rules is the slow way to earn reward travel. Get their credit cards. Join their programs. Fly x thousand miles and stay y number of nights before you even get to consider redeeming anything.

FTU Online coffee and passport

Stick with us, and we’ll show you everything you need to tilt the scales in your favor.

One-year access just $129 $49 extended until January 31!

FTU Online first class travel

We've figured out a way to game the system in favor of the traveler, not the travel industry. After all, we care far more about your bottom line than any hotel chain out there!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight…

Because we’re about to change your relationship to reward travel. When we say we’ve gamed the system, we mean we’re making this fun.

One-year access just $129 $49 extended until December 12! January 31!

What if there were a way to stop paying full price for a great vacation, starting today?

Put your good credit to use and earn millions of bonus points.

Using credit responsibly is the single fastest way to earn more points. And we do mean millions!

Pay attention to minimum spending requirements.

Know exactly what you have to spend, and in what time frame, to maximize your points.

Never travel without earning your rewards.

Make sure you’re earning rewards on everything. Don’t forget things like rental cars!

Most of all, experience the freedom of traveling like you don’t have a care in the world, knowing you can pay for it.

Introducing Frequent Traveler University

Frequent Traveler University is a new way to learn about miles and points from the experts who’ve mastered the system inside and out. 

FTU Online offers the same education as our in-person events but from the comfort of your own home.

With FTU Online, you’ll have yearlong access to all of our online courses for a one-time payment of just $49.

FTU Online resort travel

What’s included in FTU Online?

25+ online courses from some of the most popular personalities in the miles and points community, plus new content every month.

Complimentary access to our next FTU Virtual Seminar, hosted online February 20.

Discounted admission of $9 on all future FTU Virtual Summits (normally $25).

Complimentary access to all Travel & Adventure Shows where FTU is presenting on-stage (normally $20). 

One $49 discount code for any Frequent Traveler University in-person event.

Plus, we will be adding additional benefits throughout the year to increase the value of your membership!

Join now for $129! $49!
Prices go up to $129 per year on January 31!

What will you learn from FTU Online?

We’ve asked some of our top instructors to record hour-long sessions on key topics like:

How to book award tickets

The best credit cards to use

Tricks for maximizing the value of your miles

Hacks to make every trip a little easier

In addition to these online courses, membership includes the following benefits to help you stay up-to-date on the latest travel wisdom:

FTU Online fancy hotel room

Complimentary access to our next FTU Virtual Seminar, hosted online February 20.

Discounted admission of $9 on all future FTU Virtual Summits (normally $25).

Complimentary access to all Travel & Adventure Shows where FTU is presenting on-stage (normally $20). 

One $49 discount code for any Frequent Traveler University in-person event.

Join now for only one payment of $129 $49 extended until December 12! January 31!

When did it launch?

FTU Online launched on December 12, 2020, the same day as our very first FTU Virtual Summit. 

When FTU Online launched, members gained immediate access to over 20 courses from some of the brightest minds from the miles and points community. Plus, all members receive access to at least two new courses every month, so there’s always something new to learn. Courses are self-paced so you can enjoy them in any order and on your own schedule.

FTU Online airplane taking off

Sign up now while membership is just $49.

If you’re planning to attend an FTU event in person in 2021, the $49 FTU event discount pays for your first year’s membership.

We can’t wait to help you continue your education online and look forward to seeing you when our event schedule resumes in 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

As soon as you register. Members can also claim their complimentary spot for the next virtual seminar February 20 as soon as you register.

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